Dragon-Powered Chelsea

Hi guys, I’m back. Today, I bring you some gifts, it’s another wallpaper after several months I didn’t upload any new wallpaper. Well, don’t bother with the title, though. I know it’s lame. Very lame, I’d say, but that’s not what I want to say right now. 😉


Some of you must’ve known this logo. Yes, it’s the logo of Chelsea F.C., a footbal club which located in London, England. This club formed in the year of 1905, and has collected many titles. It have very loyal supporters arround the world, and recently managed by an Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti.

This club is also one of my favourite clubs, including FC Barcelona of Spain and Sriwijaya F.C. of Indonesia. Chelsea, in my own oppinion, reached their peak performance when managed by Portuguese coach, José Mourinho. They collected 2 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup title.

Well, that’s for the logo, now for the dragon outside. The black dragon image, which circled the Chelsea’s logo, was taken from DeviantArt. Well, I’m not the one who downloaded it, I copied it from my friend, so I don’t have the link to the original image.

Well, that’s the description of my new wallpaper, I hope you like it. The dimension of this wallpaper is 1280 x 800 pixel. You may donwload it by clicking [here]. :mrgreen:


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3 Balasan ke Dragon-Powered Chelsea

  1. jensen99 berkata:

    Well, the EPL 2009-2010 will be started in the next few hours. Let us all hope the blues will bring back its trophy to west London. 😉

    All hail Chelsea!! 😈

  2. Amen for the return of the trophy. All-hail Chelsea~~ (rock)

  3. Dragon-Powered Chelsea | Pandu Gilas Anarkhi®, was a great name to give this particular article.
    Where exactly could I browse more about this?

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