Some Re-Configuration

Maybe some of you see there are some differences in this blog today. Actually, I have changed my blog looks. I reduced the quantity of banners. I just wanna make my fans blog readers enjoy reading without those eye-flashy things.

Oh, I almost forget. From this time on, I’ll try to make posts in English. Not all in English, I’ll also add some Indonesian posts and the lyrics still on the rail. Why do I make this decision? It’s all about to improve my English writing skill. I just feel my English is far from good. I’d rather call it poor. Yeah, poor. 😛

SO, if you find some mistakes in my English posts or comments (grammars, vocabs, phrases, etc.), it would be nice for me to be corrected. 🙂


Tentang Reinhart

Don't wait. The time will never be just right.
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17 Balasan ke Some Re-Configuration

  1. p4ndu_454kura berkata:

    Please, CMIIW… 😀

  2. uwiuw berkata:

    oke, bro. i also want to write in english tha’s why i make a new blog in here, heheeh just like you 🙂

  3. deteksi berkata:

    iya mas, lebih ringan..


    [i’m sorry i can’t write a comment in english]

  4. kucluk berkata:

    very2 good, wekeke
    pengen nulis dengan bahasa inggris juga! tapi gak bisa,
    ajarin yo ndu!!

  5. aRuL berkata:

    yah mantap2 banget ni 🙂

  6. plain love berkata:

    you must join some international forum too… they’ll corec you if you make some mistake…

  7. atrix_hui berkata:

    hmm… i can’t give you a comment, because….,hmmm…(b.inggris jujur apa ya…?.. ohhh) Honest!!! because my english is not good, my grammar is bad too…. so, just it my comment.. hehehehehhe

    (kayaknya banyak yg salah nih :mrgreen: )

  8. p4ndu_454kura berkata:

    @ uwiuw
    OK, let’s write posts in English.
    @ deteksi
    Thanks for your compliment. 🙂
    @ kucluk
    Me? I’m not good at both speaking and writing in English.
    I think you’re better than me, so I’ll learn from you.
    @ aRuL
    Thanks, bro.
    @ plain love
    Yeah, you’re right.
    Recently, I’ve joined with some foreign forums. I’ll try to be active again 🙂

  9. p4ndu_454kura berkata:

    @ atrix_hui
    We have many similarities, then. 😆

  10. ndop berkata:

    tak kasih tips sajah. sering-seringlah mendengarkan lagu-lagu barat. biar tau cara merangkai kata yg oke. terutama rap, hiphop yg liriknya bjibun itu.. jangan langsung ikutan nyanyi, tapi dengarkan cara mengucapkan katanya satu persatu.. biar bisa ngomong ingglish juga..

    mm.. kayaknya pada kalimat ‘…my english is far from good’ itu maksa deh bos. ngga ada yg kayak gitu.. coba cari kalimat lain yg intinya sama.. hehe.. sori ngga bisa bantuin nyari, maklum tufelku cuma papat seket pitu..

  11. Nadia berkata:

    In my humble opinion,… most of RPG use English. So realize or not, when someone play RPG actually he/she just practice his/her English too. And since u’re an RP-Gamer, I think u have done much practice. If u still practice it not only by playing RPG but also reading English articles, novels,comics, songs, films subtitle, etc, u will be better and better in it. I’ve also have a dream to make a blog full in English, but still can’t make it come true ^_^. Well maybe I can start it from making comments in English 😀

  12. p4ndu_454kura berkata:

    @ ndop
    Er… rap? One by one? Okay, I’ll try. ^^;
    @ Nadia
    I also practice my English through RPG from the first time. I still remember the first RPG I played was Suikoden I, and still play it ’til now through an emulator.

    Thanks for the input. I’ll start reading comics and novels in English.

  13. Amichan1013 berkata:

    Actually, I hate grammar, but love to study vocab. And like to see people talking english fluently.

    Iy y??? Blog ny jd sdikit brbda.

  14. am i psychotic ? berkata:

    hhm… interesting 😎
    i want it too, but…

    waah…klo buka blognya mas ndu kudu bawa kamus nih…

    hhm..komenku kek amichan deh ^^

    sidebarnya kok mrosot yaw ?

  15. As said above, RPG is one of the best way to learn English. By sense. 😛 But writing it by yourself should help you more.

    If you are using Firefox, I recommend using Great Britain Dictionary packet add-on to help spell check words written in text boxes like this comment form. :mrgreen:

    Anyway, writing in English is a nice way for SEO. 😆

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  17. p4ndu_454kura berkata:

    @ Amichan1013
    Hey, it’s necessary if you wanna go to the universities. For example to get your TOEFL score, apply for a job, etc.

    Well, if you aren’t too understand, just use the simple english.
    @ am i psychotic ?
    No need for dictionaries, I think. I only use simple English in this blog from now on.
    @ Xaliber von Reginhild
    Yeah, I’m using Firefox. But I never add these dictionaries add-ons to my Firefox. Well, I think I’ll add one to my FF. 😛

    Not only SEO, it makes you easier to make money via internet. 😆

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